Wednesday, July 22, 2009

wam bam thank ya peg!

sooooo it seems like summer is over.

even though its not.

in an email i read today (from the librarian from school) we have about one month until school starts. which to me= 3 weeks until i go back to harrisonburg. in NO particular order, here is a list of things i must do before i return:
1. continue/ expand a lot on research (h.k.) with dr. peabody
2. help my best friend get married
3. figure out my life for after this year
4. maybe get a car
5. work 2 more weeks
6. go to canada
7. introduce my parents to my boyfriend's parents
8. go to VA
9. plan how to decorate my room at school
10. finish reading the book of daniel
11. read a thousand splendid suns
12. finish reading my tim keller book

my current plan is to accomplish some of this list on the 6.5 hour train ride to VA Beach this sunday, beginning at 4:51am.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

reUnion '09

3 words: i bleed friendship. those 3 words are also written in purple puff- paint on my new men's size M v-neck t-shirt, jealous? three of my best friends aren't, because they've got them too, of course some wrote theirs in gold, and lowercase lettering, but you get the point. the shirts are in reference to our incessant joking on the large amount of school spirit that we lack just take a look at this: you'll understand what i mean.
this weekend we did a lot of shopping. we went out for pizza on friday with my mom and dad, and came home after getting rita's water ice. we played a game called 'things' it is sort of like loaded questions but more straight forward... or at least thats how we decided to play it. in the morning we had my dad's famous waffles and my mom made friut salad. after enjoying a nice breakfast with them we drove into the city for some shopping and quality time with my newly married sister. we went to the italian market for an overwhelming lunch take out and ate it in rittenhouse sqaure park where we met up with my sister & colin. we then parted our ways and and shopped at h&m, anthro, & urbam outfitters. we came home for dinner at my house, and the girls got to meet my aunt debbie and her family. we the rushed out to walmart to get t-shirts and paint and made our beloved t-shirts, that was a weird weird night! we fell asleep to a thunderstorm, some faster than others. this morning we took our time... LAZY SUNDAY! and went out to the king of prussia mall, all feeling a little weird not going to church but going shopping instead. when we came home we took some pictures for the 1st time all weekend and i fed them and sent them home. i miss them already, but am glad i will see them in about 2 weeks! yay!
also, if MGMT comes to my school i'm going to see them> even if i have to go alone.

Friday, July 10, 2009

welcome to the north.

i am so excited! 3 of my best friends from JMU are currently stuck in traffic in Washington, DC... on their way to visit me!!! [more to come later]

Thursday, July 2, 2009

hold on.

this may come as a shock to most of you reading this, but i've been running alot these days.
as i was doing 2 minute abs (because i'm not strong enough for 8 minutes at this point in my athletic career) i ran into this little tid bit:

is she serious? can't tell.