Tuesday, June 30, 2009

well well well.

so its been quite some time since i've written and a lot has happened.
my sister and colin moved into their lovely apartment near rittenhouse sq., got married and went to Montreal for their honeymoon. i finally have an older brother now! the wedding was really perfect, we had been praying and praying that God would grant us just a few hours of nice weather and He really answered our prayers... all day was gross right up until 4pm an hour before the wedding. during the ceremony the skies were blue and the temperature was perfect! i got to see and spend time with my main man, which was so much fun. he took the train up from newport news VA, and got to come to the rehersal dinner party and meet my whole family. then on sunday he helped my brothers and my dad get things all set up at the wedding while my mom and sarah and i got dressed and in loew's hotel in philly- beautiful! it was so great to see almost all of the important people in my life in one place. i got to meet a few little people as well... Jamie's son Aaron and my new cousin Christopher. i can't wait to see the pictures!!! our friends the MacArthers from Scotland came to visit us for the wedding and then stayed at our house starting monday night. while here they got to visit and number of places... my mom as they're wonderful tour guide took them to: Washington DC, Lancaster PA, Philadelphia PA, Dallas TX, Cape May NJ, and now they are off to New York city. It was nice to have them here the week after the wedding because i think it sort of eased us back into a normal life after being incredibly busy with the final details for the wedding. I also had a nine year old roommate for the week which was a good fill in for my sister being gone! :] one of my best friends turned the big 2-1 so we took the train into philly to celebrate that night! on sunday (a week after the wedding) sarah and colin came over for dinner with mrs. leaman and opened thier wedding gifts and ate the rhubarb pie i made! yesterday was a great beach day--- no one got too sunburned even the scotish skin. today is a work day... and an attempt to sell my bike ONCE AND FOR ALL! now i am looking forward to july 4th!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

my eyes have seen.

today i saw funny things and things that reminded me of people. here they are:
1. while running i saw a bumper sticker on a car that read, "i'm not in shape enough to exercise."(funny?)
2. in the grocery store i saw circus peanuts (hayley)
3. in the grocery store i noticed that AMP was 3.00$... absurd (hayley & paige & katie)
4. in the grocery store i saw moroccan bizarre air freshener... and asked myself AGAIN, "why would anyone want their house smelling like that?" (hayley)

this week is filled with getting ready for sarah's wedding which is on sunday! we are praying for good weather, but i really think no matter what the weather is like, it will be beautiful and fun! i am working tomorrow and wednesday and then family and friends start arriving so i'll really be getting down to business with the final details AND enjoying the last week with my whole family in one place. more later.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the south will rise again.

so today i kept telling everyone i am from the south.
1. at work (told people i was used to the humidity b/c "i'm from the south")
2. my family... i made an excuse for saying "ya'll"
3. at rita's water ice... to a boy who worked there named gabriel. i forget why, but i told him, "i was from the south"
moral of the story, i wish i was actually southern sometimes. AND katie & paige you win [for now]!

Monday, June 8, 2009

lawn chairs.

saturday was a make over day in the lives of the terjanian women. we love spending 5 hours in a salon and i even found my 'best woman' dress at last, just when i thought it was hopeless. on sunday i went to church with my family, saw the new pastor get ordained by the church. then i headed down to spruce street in phila and helped sarah & colin move into their new apt. with ben. we got treated to ice cream for helping. we've got great siblings!! after a few minutes of spontinaity, allie and i decided to drive to dc to ask sarah vanderwaal to drive her sister ashley to us. she was willing which sealed the deal for today's plans: NEW YORK. driving, riding a ferry, sitting on a bus, and walking on busy new york streets are all things i did today. i had fun with allie and ashley in nyc, shopping, running for buses, eating hot dogs, and getting our make- up done in sephora for oh, about an hour. when we finally made it down to see if times square was really closed off to traffic, we found broadway blocked off with lawn chairs filling the streets. after agreeing it is the perfect place to people watch we settled into 3 chairs and watch everyone pass us by> in times square. after that we walked into this festival: http://www.timessquarenyc.org/about_us/events_taste.html but didn't get anything because you had to use tickets and we didn't have 25$ for that. then i bought allie a hot dog and sang the 'buy you a draaannkk' song but substituted the words hot dog for drink, making all new yorkers eternally grateful for my singing voice. thank you world.

Friday, June 5, 2009

rain on my face.

its raining now... and far from any june 5th weather i know of, it is so cold.
i had a slow day at work, although the time seemed to speed by us. i went to the doctor since all of this gray weather is giving me a cold! no thanks!
last night i went to see "up" [http://disney.go.com/disneypictures/up/] it was really cute. but i don't think i would take my little kids to see it: a) it was scary.
b) it was so sad.
i'm excited! even though i can't go down to chesapeake for paiges bridal shower, and see hayley and katie, i get to do fun wedding things for sarah's wedding tomorrow. i have the whole entire weekend off... and monday too!
time for pizza and a movie? we shall see.
also, i've been twittering lately. we'll see how that goes.