Friday, November 20, 2009

supply & demand

turns out when people read my blog, i want to write more. so keep reading.
now, onto some real business..
admittedly when i first heard this i was confused, intrigued, and eventually left wanting to hear more. what do you think of the very best: thanks to my brother-in-law's birth on november 4, 1980something my sister took him to see the very best band on his birthday--- consequently she was liked what she heard, and i do too.
favorites include:: julia & rain dance feat. MIA
and now, time for thanksgiving break!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

read me.

goody, i'm getting more readers. perfect, because i have a lot of exciting things happening that i'm going to want to write about, so i can keep you all entertained! :]
quick catch up:
1. i want to be a nurse [i'm going to apply to BS-> BSN programs over Christmas break]
2. i was really encouraged by so many health professionals when i went to the American Public Health Association a few weeks ago, which was were i decided i wanted to go with nursing to be more effective in my field... and breath!
3. i get to go home with david for the 1st part of break! can't wait.
4. i had a wonderful thanksgiving feast with my beautiful housemates last night, although we missed hannah banana and erik!! :[
5. we're making plans for a winter wonderland in our house, melrose (at least i am-- wait until you hear my plans) & a superbowl party (paige and katie you better be coming for that)
6. no, i still don't understand or really like football.. but i like parties and friends

MORE TO COME>>>>> New Moon premier tomorrow night with Reba, Kate & Abby... please make shirts with meeee!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

i neeeedddd.

this is a dog i would like to have one day.
he is cute and fluffy and cuddly!