Saturday, September 5, 2009

it's fall time!

things here at jmu are different... i expect the month of september to be colorful, smelling like leaf piles burning, sharp pencils and soccer cleats (gross) but it's not living up to my expectations. i'm ok with that though. so far the weather has been in the 80s and the sun has been shinning down on me, it's been a good, new way of starting off a school year. i am liking my classes and am having fun with my friends. my birthday was great and the fact that school is in full swing has started to hit me. there are quite a few things i am going to accomplish this fall: make my own soup, go apple picking, make jack-o -lanterns, make pies, go tailgating... maybe even to a football game, go camping, have an apple festival... :]
i just wanted to give a brief update... more to follow.
here is something to dwell on,
friends that inspire me:
1. katie b/c she still blogs
2. hayley for keeping up with them and informing me of everything
3. paige for driving katie to keep blogging (starting this whole cycle)