Wednesday, December 9, 2009

winter wonderland.

despite finals these past two weeks have been great. last week was busy getting ready for my biggest exams that happened at the beginning of this week, but david and i managed to watch at least one christmas movie, elf. on wednesday my friend eileen came into town and stayed with me until friday. we made mac & cheese and just hang around the house between my studying and watching glee together.then she and david played at franklin's wine bar downtown on friday night. that was really exiting! they both did a wonderful job, things sounded so good, and i was impressed.
nowadays, there is gross melted snow on the ground, that once looked beautiful, but now has turned into slush. it snowed on saturday and it's wednesday so i guess there's a reasonable explanation for that. unfortunately instead of playing out in the snow, i was trapped behind drafty windows studying for exams. alrthough i have to say it was fun having a snow day with 7 of my friends. later on saturday night i went to my 4th melrose, it was fun to dress up PLUS david came too. after melrose, rebecca, michael, david and i came back to the house and made hot chocolate and watched home alone 1.
NEXT>> after i am free from this 4 hour shift at the library, i will be studying for my last final all day(anatomy lab)and tonight having a spaghetti dinner with david, making sugar cookies and watching it's a wonderful life (for the 4th time... yay christmas traditions!).