Saturday, January 23, 2010

the quest.

so i may have written recently about my decision to pursue nursing. i am looking into schools back home and recently discovered getting my associates degree is one of the wisest decisions i can make. so here i am applying, i'm going to be a public health nurse and i'm so excited about it and how confident i feel in that decision!
things i love about what God is doing in my life:
1. my family is the coolest.(my brothers are soccer playing & wrestling champions, my dad keeps me sane, my mom knows everything a person could know & came to visit me for 'mom weekend' last weekend! my sister and brother in law have the coolest lives ever and they are super kawaki [that means super cute in japanese], i am blessed... b/c i'm adopted... to be a part of such a unique and funny family!)
2. i have loving & lovely friends. (i get to go to katie's house in richmond next weekend for reunion oh-10!! lazy river at vcu here i comeee!!)
3. my boyfriend is so caring and would do anything for me.
4. my internship for march is going to be amazing, i am going to learn so much in the health clinic. i'll be shadowing nurses and helping put together health education programs!
as for now i've got to finish and send in these last two applications, and pray that God will grant me patience and understanding in whatever happens. annnddd i can't wait for next weekend! :]

Friday, January 8, 2010


My brother is crabby tonight... Excuse me!

It's only the beginning!

Hi all, I just got an iPhone. One of my goals is to blog more. Time to get back to nursing school apps. Break is almost over geeeeezzzz!!!

- Kate