Tuesday, May 26, 2009

this is how we do.

editing a post i wrote a week ago can be interesting... here's what i remember from last weekend. on friday i don't remember doing anything tooo exciting, i think because saturday was such a big day. i had work from 6-2pm and THEN i can home and went over to david's uncle's house, because he was in town with his family! i had dinner over there, and david and i went over to colin's house to hang out with sarah, colin & ben. it was fun to just be together around familiar people, and i got to spend some time with his family which was a lot of fun too. on sunday after church my mom, dad and sarah went down to the city and made final plans for her wedding, then saw her apartment and got lunch. when we came back to the house i went to david's cousins graduation party. as soon as i got there i met all of his little cousins who whispered, "now that we know her can we get her?" because they all were having a water balloon fight.... i got a little soaked it was fun. from his uncle's house we drove to my dad's best friends house for dinner. then back to david's to play cards. it was a great weekend, and i'm so glad he came to see me!
this past week was filled with work started off by a 6am- 4pm shift on memorial day which means 18$$ an hour!! :] on wednesday night allie, molly, ash & i went to celebrate molly's 22nd brithday at a seafood restaurant in west chester-- allie got crabs. then we went to ritas and put a candle in her peach gelati? o? [we still aren't sure.] we sang to her in line- she loved it so did everyone else.
last but not least, can someone please tell me why it is cool to have a bumper sticker that reads: "my other car is a warthog" thank you... i would love to know.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

back to it.

the bridal shower went really well. everyone who came seemed to have a great time, and the tea looked really beautiful. it was great to see such a different mix of people in one place, teacher form school, sarah's high school friends, mica friends, my family, colin's family! sarah got some really great gifts too, my favorite things where these Animal House Kitchen Gadgets: (http://www.thisnext.com/item/2FCE0B16/4D338D0E/Animal-House-Kitchen-Gadgets) they were so cute.
on monday i got to hang out with nick, at barnes & noble, then watched him eat lunch while we caught up. after that i went to old navy to try and find BLACK PANTS for work... ugh! i found 'em alright AND a pair of jeans for a total of $16.53 thank you very much. and then went over to payless to find ugly black shoes for work... what a treat. then i went for a run & talked to david... who had just gone for a bike ride (who knew we'd ever be that "work out" couple) :] and then our power went out... so we had a cookout, me and colin made hot dogs and we all made s'mores (aka SOME mores.) and fire inside b/c it was cooolldddd.
since the 80 degree weather hit... on tuesday i started working. tuesday was my 1st day and so far so good. it was really funny because our manager emailed us and gave us the schedule for the week, i notice there was a girl on there with an Armenian last name... so on tuesday i asked her about it... immedietly she was like "oh my gosh... do you want to get involved in the Armenian community??" and i said, "yes i do as a matter of fact!" so she hooked me up with this: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZ9I-n2HYVY) IT IS INTENSE> and i'm scared. the coach has aslready contacted me... i think it would be really fun to do with steph, and maybe my brother, but it was be hard!! we'll see. i have been working on my fittness this summer so maybe i'll be ready for "training" on the 1st of June!
now off to shower and go to my baby brother's choir concert. peace!

Friday, May 15, 2009

kelly drive

tuesday was a day filled with nothingness. i only left the house one time and that was to get ingredients to help my little brother make churros for his spanish class... then we made them and i went to bed. yesterday and the day before yesterday were spent with my friends allie, brittany & ashley. on wednesday ash, alex and i went biking on kelly drive (http://www.philadelphia-reflections.com/images/boathouseRowDay1.jpg) down by the art museum in philadelphia, i think we totaled about 10 miles it was a lovely day and then when we were finished we drove in alex's convertable to s. street and got frozen yogurt (http://www.yelp.com/biz/phileo-yogurt-philadelphia) it was so awesome & fun. the we went home to allie's house made quesadillas and watched marley and me... allie and i got the spoiler from off line and told ashley. needless to say the ending was ruined for all of us. oh well.
on thursday we woke up and met brittany, because mr. evans got us tickets for the phillies game at 1pm. it was fun b/c i hadn't been to a phillies baseball game since i was a little kid. GOAL #1 of the summer (achieved) i was on the jumbo screen infront of 45, 000 fans (2Xs)! though they lost, we still had fun. after the game we raced back to brittany's house for dinner, and ashley drove me home in a lightning storm.
today was friday, i stayed home cleaning for my aunt lisa and cousin emma to come visit, then went out and got gelato with same & molly. auntie lisa and i worked on finishing the favors for the shower, and after chinese for dinner emma and i rented madagascar 2 and played LOTS of uno. it was a fun day.
>>> i need to start reading and stop listening to the twilight saga on tape>>> soon enough. this weekend will be fun shopping tomorrow and bridal shower in sunday. the WORK next weeeekkkk.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

philadelphia freedom

i am home. after a weekend of saying goodbye, packing, and driving my mom and dad came to get me and i arrived home on sunday night. it is good to be back but also a bit strange especially since i haven't been back home to west chester in 2 years. anyway, i am here now in the kitchen with my brother about to make dinner, and listening to tv on the radio, it is officially summer although the weather is cooolllddd... i keep claiming to be freezing since i am "from the south" monday- i ran errands for my mama... getting ready for the bridal shower on sunday and getting wallpaper books from MAB paints, i also met my friend molly's bf for the 1st time and allie, ash, molly and i are planning to take part in a sprint TRIATHLON. i am so excited b/c this will be achieving one of my life goals if i can actually accomplish this! we are going to begin training tomorrow, we're going to start by biking in phila. tuesday- i've been phoning random people trying to get plans together for the shower on sunday, and cleaning my and sarah's wreck of a room.
it is really weird to be home, i feel like its not real. but by next week i'll have a normal work schedule and things will be back to normal... at least sort of anyway. :]

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

still here.

well hello,
it is not quite the start of summer [i'm still at JMU] but it seems like it to me.
i am now finished with my most difficult exams--> ironically 1 geneds, and 2 electives. but i still have 2 papers due online, one exam to take online, and a presentation to seal the deal. when i'm finished on thursday i will be really excited. these past two days have seemed to drag on for AGES, but will be over soon.
lately i have been swimming. yesterday david picked me up from work and drove me down to UREC so i could go to "swimming lessons" as he calls it.
my goal for this summer is to keep a record of what i do. i have so many exciting things happening, there is so much i want to do and i hope to keep record of it here, on the blog. who would have thought XANGA would turn into blogger... well it did.