Tuesday, October 27, 2009

rumor has it...

that if you can make it through this week without getting H1N1 you are in good shape. researchers have been claiming that this week is the peak week for illness... so wash your hands. for me, so far so good, although i am getting a bit of a cold, but i think that is due to stress. i'm excited for tonight because my house is going to the richardson's house for a little fall festival, we're going to carve pumpkins and have a fire-- hope it doesn't rain ALL day! i'm thinking the pumpkin carving will be a treat for me since david and i practiced last weekend by carving a pumpkin to say, "happy birthday!" for rebecca! anyway, more to come.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


turns out that during the school year i am not as great at blogging as i am during the summer while i have nothing but hanging out and work to do. meanwhile i've been studying, planning for Bible study, attending Bible study, hanging out with friends, visiting home, going on dates with David, and taking a million exams. but God continuously blesses me with energy and joy to do what i need to.
i am so excited for this weekend, on thursday paige is coming to visit, and i haven't seen her since her wedding! we are going dancing the night she arrives, and on friday probably hanging out until katie gets her too! i think on saturday we are going apple picking in charlottesvilee!! :]
while i await the weekend to arrive i am here at work, and busy with meetings and classes and tons of homework. i'm seriously considering going to africa next year, so we'll see what happens there. i'll keep you posted.