Thursday, August 13, 2009

this is real.

one of my best childhood friends, molly mcgowen is engaged to sam krause! i could not be more excited for the two of them. sam did an amazing job proposing to molly in her favorite place in the world, nantucket, ma. she called me a few times last week and when i called her back the first thing i said was, "molly mcgowen... are you engaged?".... she was. :]
after an hour phone conversation, so i could get all the details my face hurt because i don't think i stopped smiling once!
anyway, my life as of now consists of ONE more day of work as a waitress... for the rest of my life? maybe. weird. i am also on craigslist 24/7 looking for a bike that suits me for once in my life. i am doing laundry and organizing my cluttered & messy room [to me is seems cluttered... to anyone else in the world it would seem perfectly organized and picked up] i have to be sure i am ready for my great migration back down south... because this time i am starting my senior year in a week and a few days. yikes!
i'm looking forward to the week before school starts. first of all i get to see my lovely housemates! shout out to reba, i'm coming for you--- its been FAR to long. and hannuh! i'm looking forward to watching goofy miley videos... and now taylor swift remakes! i get to go on a leadership retreat with intervarsity, and i think God is going to really use it to give me even more excitement & understanding about this year and leading my small group without cammi. next i get to maybe see my friend carolyn for a day or two. THEN i get to be reunited with muh gurrrll eileen when she stays with me for a few days! [she is playing a show for the new jmu kids-- and will be in harrisonburg from tuesday-thursday!] NEXT! i get to see my main man on wednesday evening! it seems like its been forever since i've seen him last, even though its only been about 2 weeks. in the meantime on monday i will be starting orientation preparations with REACH, we are putting on a show for the new students on thursday afternoon, the same day HAYYYLLEEEEYYY comes to the house! yeesss!!!
anyway.. who knows what i will do with the rest of the week, maybe mentally prepare for school. alright.

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